Holo Holo Stop


After the Kualoa Park shoots, we were starving :kedizzy: ! On our drive back home (Kahalu’u, a few miles south of Kualoa Park on Kamehameha Hwy.), we passed by some interesting signs on the roadside.


Apparently there was a farmer’s market happening. And there was food! :ohseediamond: Oh yeah!

We quickly parked our car and assessed this very tiny farmer’s market.

There was a van selling roadside snacks under a huge banyon tree.


There are a few rules that I follow to increase the probability of getting good quality street food. First, observe the customers.

There were a line of local customers and they knew what they wanted to order (except the two tourists in the photo, can you spot them?) .

Good sign.

The stall name is Holo Holo Stop.

Second step, chat with the stall owner.

Keoki, owner of Holo Holo Stop

“What does Holo Holo mean?” I asked

“It means cruising, going places. We say I holoholo to the shopping mall. I holoholo here, I holoholo there. When you holoholo, stop here!” Keoki replied

“How long have you been in business?”

“Oh… long time. 15 years. 3 years at this location. I only open during weekend. Other days, I prepare food.” Keoki said

Wow. 15 years and still in business with line of customers to order his food, that’s a REALLY good sign.

Best shot of the menu. Keoki’s customers probably know the menu by heart and they don’t really need to see this menu.

R & K placing orders

First of, cooling coconut juice!


Coconut juice rules!

Laulau pork, kalua pork, tamale, coconut juice, Lomi salmon, poke

Laulau pork (pork wrapped in Luau leaf) with rice

Luau leaf is edible



All three dishes were very flavorful. My favorite dish was the laulau pork. The luau leaf had very soft texture and went well with the laulau pork.

So far on Oahu, I found more pork dishes on the menu than beef and chicken dishes.

This is not chili powder. It is Li Hing (prune, sweet) powder for pineapple and fruits.

Flower vendors under the huge banyon tree

Friendly local


Who doesn’t like flowers? Although I think buying cut flowers is a waste of money, we gotta support the farmers once in a while. Thanks, darling:)


A pair of birds of paradise and ginger flowers

The flowers are now gracing the dining table – adding so much colors to the space.

Next to the farmer’s market, there’s this ultimate outdoor gym. How refreshing it is to work out next to the mountain and water?

We enjoyed the food at Holo Holo Stop so much that we stopped by there twice during our Hawaii trip. Thumbs up.

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