Effortlessly Golfing

Yesterday I had my first lesson in golfing.

I went to Ed Hipp, who is one of the best golf coaches in town and that really makes a difference!

Ed didn’t start with teaching me the correct golf posture. Instead, he talked about the mental aspect of golfing.

He said we have to peel away the extras that we add in to try to control each situation. If we let the club swings naturally, effortlessly, then we can play very well. So, there’s a lot to learn for personal growth.

Coach has all the golfing equipment, so I don’t have to bring any. He even let me borrow a club so that I can practice swinging at home.

Judging from my touch-n-go kind of learning style, I probably wouldn’t last long. But it’s just nice to be exposed to many things and learn whatever I can. I don’t expect to be an expert in whatever I learn, but I’ll make sure I have fun and as long as I enjoy what I do, I’ll continue to learn and grow.

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Just started working out – going to gym, yoga at home, running. I hope to sculpt my body to be more lean and yummy.

Back to my meditation routine as well. 20 minutes a day. It’s good for the mind!

Went for a jog last night, from home to Lamson Wood Park and back. The weather was so hot that I could only start jogging at 8pm. It was still bright outside. Gotta love summer.

Stopped by the park to pick some mulberries. Super fresh and sweet mulberries, went straight down to my stomach. :)

After twenty minutes of break, my muscles were back to normal temperature. It was somewhat painful to start jogging again. I thought of stopping, but it would have taken me double the time to go back home by walking. So, I kept at it, kept jogging. It took me a few minutes to warm the muscles up again, then I felt fine. It was good to give muscles a shock like that, in order to work the muscles more.

I am not a big fan of listening to music when jogging. I like to be alone with my thoughts and breaths, plus the sound from the nature.

My body definitely feels more awake after three days of working out. I love it.

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Morning Jog

Lovely Sunday.

My legs and feet are feeling sore from half hour jogging yesterday.  I don’t know what got to me, I get up at 8am and went for a jog.

What’s the best time to work out?

Based on The Body Sculpting Bible For Women, Page 49:

“We recommend you work out in the morning as soon as you wake up. Drink 16 ounces of cold water before you start the workout and an additional 30 – 60 ounces during the activity…. We recommend working out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach because you will burn 300% more body fat this way. In the morning you body doesn’t have any carbohydrates to burn. In the absence of carbohydrates, your body goes straight to the fat stores in order to get the energy necessary to do the work. Another good reason to work out in the morning is that at this time growth hormone levels are at their highest levels. Working otu in the morning will allow you to expedite the fat  loss process for dramatic results.”

I haven’t been exercising at all, the whole winter! After jogging for a while, I almost felt like throwing up.  How pathetic was that? I wasn’t shocked though. I know how unfit I am.

However, I was proud of myself. I did what I could. It was refreshing to enjoy the spring flowers while jogging/walking. :)

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Juice Fast: 19th Day

19th day of my juice fast. I feel like I can go on forever.

I’ve lost 12 lbs so far. The jeans are becoming loose on me and my tummy is flat. What an orgasmic feeling.

Freshly squeezed apple + grape juice is heavenly!!! It’s one thing that I look forward to every day.

I’ll come out of my fast next week and will miss this fast so much. I am treasuring every moment of this detox. :)

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A very good friday

14 days have passed by since I started my detox. I’ve lost ten lbs so far and am feeling great!

Every day is the usual fruit and veggie juice … it’s definitely boring. I tried not to watch cooking shows and see any food photos. Keeping myself busy also helps me from thinking about food too much.

I am not writing a fasting journal this time. I wrote a detailed one back in 2006. Here’s the link http://absoluteliving.blogspot.com/.

Karan and I have been fixing 104 West Jefferson for the past two months. We hired Bob Kiefer as our contractor. It has been such a pleasure working with him.

I’ve learned so much in this project. When all the people were enjoying their weekends and nights, we had to run to Menards so many times to get construction supplies. Also, during precious lunch time, we had meetings with contractors to be on top of every detail. We didn’t cut any corners at all and that makes me feel great. The renovation is finally done and the open house will be tomorrow and the day after, 1-3pm.

The house looks amazing. I am so proud of myself.

I am looking forward to getting my hands on the next project soon.

Here’s a copy of the open house flier. I will post some before and after photos when I have some time.

Open House 104 West Jefferson 3/27 & 3/28 1-3pm

Open House 104 West Jefferson 3/27 & 3/28 1-3pm