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Hi, welcome to OuOu’s Bloggie! My name is Cheryl Ting, a.k.a OuOu (pronounced as Oh-Oh). OuOu is my nickname. When I was small, I was very afraid of dogs. So, my parents either wanted to help me overcome my fear by keep calling me OuOu (sounds like dog bark), or they were bored and wanted to see my reaction when they called my nickname. The later is more believable to me.

I grew up on Borneo island and currently reside in USA.

I can be warm, I can be nice, I can be naughty, I can be adventurous, I can be ambitious, I can be reassuring, I can feel secure, I can be open. But sometimes I just find myself the exact opposite of everything society perceives as “good”. I am full of contradictions.

Growing, evolving, changing. Exploring life. Forming my opinions; some of which I hold firm to, some of which I allow for circumstances and people to change. Finding perfection amidst all the imperfection we are in. Realizing we’re all broken, human, and that’s beautiful.

Learning to be free of fear of criticism and be all I want to be.

This blog will serve as my creative outlet and I hope to share my personal honest point of view on various issues with you.

I travel, I dance, I cook, I eat, I blog, and I’m hungry for more.


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