Delivering Happiness Bus Wrap Weekend (Part 2)

Something about me: I’ve always thought marathon is a form of self-torture. Don’t you think so? However, I’m ready for a dance-a-thon any time. It’s definitely more fun (to me) and it involves more creativity than running a marathon. :P haha, rubbing it in. I’m a dance-aholic, what can I say.

I also love a movie marathon. It doesn’t involve running but it takes mental stamina to overcome the desire of falling asleep. The longest movie marathon I’ve completed was six hours. The best time to catch up on movies is during a long flight, except that usually I’ve seen most of the movies available on board. :(

Dream the biggest dream you can.

Keep on believing and loving.

This is how we roll …

Delivering Happiness Bus Wrap Party Weekend (Part 1)

Dec 4 – 7th, 2010

3-month long, 20+  cities Delivering Happiness bus tour has come to an end. I enjoyed spending time with my DH bus mates so much that I stopped by Vegas on my way back from India to Iowa to celebrate the bus wrap events together.

I had a blast cheering for all Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon runners and attending my first rock ‘n’ roll concert.

There’s something magical about the DH team. It was so easy to be myself, and I could be very silly at times. But I didn’t care.  :)

“It takes a long time to be young.” – Pablo Picasso

Quite often, we take our lives for granted. We forget to have fun. We don’t realize that we already have everything we need. More of everything won’t make us happier. :) In fact, by giving and sharing, we receive more happiness. How I wish I could just travel the world full time, help out the needy and deliver some happiness. One day, for sure! :)

Sharing with you my video blog – Delivering Happiness Bus Wrap Party Weekend Part 1. Enjoy.

Delivering Happiness Bus Trip Los Angeles Day 2 Part 2

Friends are hard to find, hard to make, and even harder to say good bye to. So again, a big thank you to DH team for everything. I had a blast!!

Favorite moments (day 2 & 3):
- Eating fried calamari
- Book signing by Tony
- Mahalo tour (thanks! Mike Bracco)
- CD signing by Ashton & Devin (Rabbit!)
- Dance with Devin (this guy got rhythm)
- Open-heart chat with Jenn
- Chat with cab driver from Albania (He was an artist before immigrated to USA 10 ago seeking a better life. Now he is a cab driver. :( Of course I invited him to relocate to Fairfield, IA. No point not living your passion, driving a cab 6am. to 2am. and still not making ends meet. Despite a small town, Fairfield has 25 art galleries and with low living expenses, I am sure there’s a place for him.)
- First manicure & pedicure with Holly (I love my nails!)
- Training passersby to use my camera (all of them did a good job! I am good director, I guess. :P )

I heart this team! :rtdance1:

Enjoy the rest of the tour. Go out there and touch people’s lives, one person at a time! I miss you guys already.

Dream the biggest dreams you can! They might just come true! :)

Here’s the last video of this trip, made with love: