Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s not because of the candy (obviously!!), but the celebration all the creativity- the pumpkin carving, Halloween decorations and the finale: costume parties!!

What’s your fantasy? Sexy cop? Angel? Pirate? Nurse? George Bush (err… what?)? Halloween is the day to go all out! Come on, put some effort in designing your costume. Anything (a hat, a funny t-shirt, a mask, some makeup, etc) is better than going to a Halloween costume party as “yourself”. :(

It’s always fun to appreciate other people’s creativity and to discover a different side of them.

BTW, daylight saving ends tonight. Remember to turn the clock back by one hour. It’s the beginning of the “darker half” of the year, Argggghh :( but hey, we have more time to party tonight.

I’ll be checking out parties at Marcia’s, MUM and Vivo.

See ya!

Indian Sweets


Karan left for Orlando today for work.

See what he left behind:


Boxes of fresh Indian sweets!!!! Muahahahaha. :ohidiotsmile:

Karan’s favorite: Pistachio Barfi

Almond Barfi

My favorite ladoo: cardamon flavor with nuts

I gained five pounds last winter. I am not going to make the same mistake this year. Last year I had four ladoos a day. This year, I will cut down to two. Two ladoos a day is the perfect prescription to beat winter blues. :) Wait, there are only twelve ladoos in a box. Awww…. poor Karan.

The shiny stuff on the barfi is edible silver foil, called varakh. It adds glitter to Indian sweets. Although varakh is edible, I wonder if it would accumulate in our bodies and become toxic? Once consumed, does the metal stay in our body? Is it safe for kids? I don’t have the answer. If anyone is more knowledge on this issue, please share your thoughts. :)

Purr Purr Blur Wednesday


I have not been sleeping well lately. Lots of dreams. In last night’s dream, I was riding a horse in a race. Then, the horse turned into a camel. I was riding it with his butt facing the front, and he was racing forward.  As soon as I realized that didn’t make sense, I woke up.

Gosh. I must be watching too much Amazing Race.

I should try moving my bed as well. This facing west thing is not really working out.

My eyes feel like two deep holes that filled with exhaustion. I  just want to crash for 12 hours straight.

On the other hand, I am really happy that Karan is back.

I just picked him up from Des Moines airport. It was hard to keep my eyes open on the way to the airport. Purr Purr… Blur. Yawn.

Karan came back from his India trip after two weeks. It’s always nice to witness the reunion of papa and the puppy. :) Happiness is infectious.


Thinking Ahead

I really like my new Miss Sixy Military Trench Coat. It has this cool military design, oversized collar and faux leather piping detail. I love the navy color too!

It’s good to collect a few jackets that have classic design and will not go out of style.

Kai, get your nose out of my butt and look at the camera, will ya?

Keeps me warm (the dog and the coat)

I heart my new trench coat! :)

The best part is I got this coat at Nordstrom fall preview sale for $109 in July.  This is called Thinking Ahead!!!

This coat is $168 as of today!

What a score!! I am not a cheapo. It’s up to you if you want to spend $168 (rather than $109) for something that’s in the “want” category, not “need” category. I like to think that I am more careful with my money now.   :keagree:

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Leave the Fall in the Bag

One of the fun things to do in the fall is to play amongst the fallen leaves.

One of the NOT so fun things to do in the fall is to bag those leaves.

I did both today.

Gathering the leaves the old fashion way


Horray to self-timer

After all the fun, I only managed to pack one bag of leaves …. (see the brown paper bag behind me)

Be sure to buy the bags that have “WM” (Waste Management) sign on them. Hyvee carries these bags. Waste Management will not pick up bags that don’t have WM sign (like the ones sold in Walmart).

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