Halloween 2010

Another great year of Halloween with my dear friends. :)

My 1st – went trick’O'treating with my friends and their boy on Second Street. It was surprisingly fun to accompany the kids to go from door to door asking for candies. :) It makes me feel young (not that I am so old) and happy.

Jerry Seinfeld is right. Kids will do anything for candies and it was fun to watch. What I’ll add to that is, “parents will do anything for their kids”, because kids don’t go trick’o'treating alone …

Since I have Kai, I don’t give out candies at my house any more. Due to failed parenting, Kai would bark at anyone who comes knocking at my door. So, now I just turn the lights off during the Halloween trick’O'treat night, which signals that “I don’t have candies, go away”.

The boy ended up with a full basket of candies – enough to last for a lifetime. My friends plan to buy all the candies from their son. Money or candies? He must choose wisely. :)

Halloween celebration at MUM is always fun. Students are extremely creative with their homemade costumes. This year, there were even more outstanding performances than last year: fire dance, short movie, hip-pop, belly dance, and more! What an entertaining night! It was too dark for me to take any good photos. We’ve been counting on Radim all these years for good Halloween photos. A big thank you to him!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Hangover Hell


I had a crazy Halloween night at Marcias, MUM and Vivos. What a fun night, hanging out with good friends.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, as soon as I reached home from the parties, all hell broke loose!

I started to throw up the minute I came back. Arghh….

I only had two drinks the whole night, but I got a little carried away and forgot the golden rule of drinking: never drink on an empty stomach! Oh boy!

I managed to drag myself to bed and hoped for the best.

It’s Sunday today and I was captive in Hangover Hell the whole day. Thanks to DJ Reptile for delivering the gatorade.

I was in and out of consciousness, but managed to take care of my baby Kai’s basic needs. So sorry, baby, mama will take you to the park tomorrow.

Until 6pm, the Hangover Hell admin decided that they’ve had enough of me and kicked me out.

Muahahahaha. I AM ALIVE!

Let me keep my fingers crossed and go to bed now with a good feeling that tomorrow will be a great day. :) Ciao!

I’ve posted some photos on my Facebook, please check out the photos.

Naughty School Girl

I love my fluffy flogger!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s not because of the candy (obviously!!), but the celebration all the creativity- the pumpkin carving, Halloween decorations and the finale: costume parties!!

What’s your fantasy? Sexy cop? Angel? Pirate? Nurse? George Bush (err… what?)? Halloween is the day to go all out! Come on, put some effort in designing your costume. Anything (a hat, a funny t-shirt, a mask, some makeup, etc) is better than going to a Halloween costume party as “yourself”. :(

It’s always fun to appreciate other people’s creativity and to discover a different side of them.

BTW, daylight saving ends tonight. Remember to turn the clock back by one hour. It’s the beginning of the “darker half” of the year, Argggghh :( but hey, we have more time to party tonight.

I’ll be checking out parties at Marcia’s, MUM and Vivo.

See ya!