Stop Waiting

Sharing with you, a very inspiring video and message: STOP WAITING, by Alexandra Jaye.

* Stop waiting to be perfect
* Focusing on what you want to create and who you want to be
* Living with integrity and honoring our commitments
* Be you, be grateful and go rock it

Thanks, Alexandra for the wonderful video.

Gmail Signature Tweaks

When I use Gmail’s “Reply” feature, Gmail always places my signature at the very bottom of the entire email. No one would scroll down to the end of the email to see my signature. So, for each email I reply, I have to cut and paste the signature to the end of my reply message. There must be an easier way!

I found this:

Gmail Signature Tweaks

Gmail Signature Tweaks (Source:

Seems easy, right? It is!! I tried it, and it worked. :) No more cutting and pasting my signature in Gmail. Hurray!

Melón con Jamón

A friend of mine suggested that I eat jamon with melon. Apparently it’s a very popular dish in Spain.

This simple tapa seems very easy to make. So, I bought a ripe melon, and chilled it in the fridge for a few hours.

First, I had to prepare the melon.

- Cut the melon
- Remove the seeds
- Cut away the rind
- Cut the melon into cubes

Then, I simply arranged the jamon slices on top of the melon cubes. Viola!

Melón con jamón

Melón con jamón

If you don’t have jamon, you can wrap proscuitto slice around a slice of melon.

Melon was sweet and juicy and it made great contrast with salty jamon. It was a refreshing dish, although not my favorite combination of food.

I still prefer enjoy my jamon with bread, olives and cheeses. :)

I love trying new food though. I might discover a new favorite on my next try. :)

Cantalope with Jamon

Cantalope with Jamon (

Spanish Jamón

Ever since I watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Escape to Andalucia, I have been dreaming of Spanish jamón. Jamón is dry-cured Spanish ham. It’s generally served raw in thin slices.

Karan recently brought some jamón back from Madrid. This is the real thing! The flavor is dynamic and incredible. I can see why jamón is a normal part of everyday life in many Spanish homes!! I am addicted to jamón! Yum.

serrano hams

Serrano hams

The flavor is dynamic and incredible.

The flavor is dynamic and incredible.

Remarkble thinness

Remarkble thinness

My first paper thin jamón

My first paper thin jamón