I am learning to listen to my inner voice and to  trust my instinct.

Discover what makes me happy and do more of that.

Keep life simple and manageable.

Peel off layers that made of artificial materials.

Be genuine, be true to myself.

Do what I love, work hard on it and be very focus.

Make every day counts!

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Fish Porridge

Three of my favorite foods: noodles, soups & seafood.

So, it’s no surprise that I love fish porridge (congee) – thick rice soup with fish slices.  I have been craving for it for a while now. Finally, on a chilly rainy day, my wish came true.


Fish porridge, so satisfying on a chilly rainy day. I like my soup steamy hot; burn my mouth kind of hot!!

Ingredients: fish (I used tilapia), seaweed, rice, water, ginger, onions, scallion, fish sauce, salt, white pepper, sesame oil, fried garlic

1 part rice: 8 part water

I didn’t follow a recipe. Most Chinese know how to make fish porridge by heart. The ingredients are totally flexible.

It would help if you have a pressure cooker. :) It cuts the cooking time in half.

Put the fish last because it cooks fast.

SO SATISFYING! I over-ate as usual!


It’s no secret that Revelations has the best pizza in town.

If you are in Fairfield, be sure to try out their brick oven pizzas.  :) They use fresh local ingredients.

Online ordering (no, they don’t ship to California :P ) and menu are available at:

Santa Fe Chicken Pizza

Santa Fe Chicken Pizza

Californian Panini

Californian Panini