OPI Spring Toes

My feet are rather manly. I’ve been told that I have “labor feet”. They are square and have dry, chapped heels.

Today, I decided to give my ugly feet a makeover at home. :)

I love the hot pink “You’re A Pisa Work” nail polish by OPI. What a fun color for spring. It really dresses up my toes and makes me feel feminine. What’s your favorite nail color?

spring toes

Spring toes (OPI "You're A Pisa Work")

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Changing Your Life Through Meditation

I have been practicing Transcendental Meditation from ten years now, and I love it.

Still think meditation is flaky? Think again. 40% of Americans use complementary and alternative treatments, especially meditation.

Want to give meditation a try? Follow these 3 easy steps, from ABC News.