iPAD MAC Address + Netgear Router Setup

How to find iPad MAC address:

1) iPAD Home screen > Settings > General > About

2) Scroll down > Wi-FI Address and Bluetooth

3) The “Wi-Fi Address” setting is your iPad MAC address.

Netgear Router Set Up

1) Access http://www.routerlogin.com/start.htm

2) Select Advanced > Wireless Settings > Setup Access List

3) Click on “Add” button

4) Enter device name (any meaningful name), MAC Address

5) There’s no need to restart the router

Now, go back to your IPAd’s wireless setting and tap the network name to connect! :)


Gmail Signature Tweaks

When I use Gmail’s “Reply” feature, Gmail always places my signature at the very bottom of the entire email. No one would scroll down to the end of the email to see my signature. So, for each email I reply, I have to cut and paste the signature to the end of my reply message. There must be an easier way!

I found this:

Gmail Signature Tweaks

Gmail Signature Tweaks (Source: http://mashable.com/2009/08/20/gmail-signature-tips/)

Seems easy, right? It is!! I tried it, and it worked. :) No more cutting and pasting my signature in Gmail. Hurray!

Twit Twit Twitter

One pistachio, two pistachios, then a bowl of pistachios in just five minutes. Yum.

It seems like Twitter is getting more and more popular. I get to know about Twitter a few months ago through ABC News. Now, Twitter is everywhere. It’s on online retailer homepages, email newsletters, magazines, etc. It’s getting extremely popular.

I have been resisting to get to know more about Twitter. I don’t plan to follow anyone or let anyone follow me. Facebook already keeps me pretty busy. So, there’s no way I am going to sign up Twitter.

No!!! Say “No” to Twitter.

But as an Ecomm Consultant, I would have to accept the fact that I have to keep up with all the social networking tools. No matter how much I resisted the idea of Twitter, I finally checked it out.

The first impression was … Twitter is kind of simple and … cute. :) Not in a million years that I would have guessed this Twitter concept would take off.

I get the idea of fans of certain brands, celebrities, friends, etc want to get regular updates. People have desires to be connected and share information.

Fine! It’s really just like Facebook’s What’s on Your Mind.

It’s more fun to update Twitter using your mobile phone too.

140 characters, that’s all you get to share.

Updating your Twitter is better than sending out text messages to all your friends because then we don’t have to reply to your text messages.

“After hours party at Mina! In?”

People would get the message if they care to follow you on Twitter. Else, they don’t really give a damn about what you do. So, you can stop texting party info to all your 500 friends.

I would expect more companies are going to provide social networking service or hire Social Network Web Specialists.

Digg, Stumbleupon, delicious, Facebook, MySpace, ShareThis, Reddit, Technorati, LinkedIn, Blogs, etc. Gotta keep up!

Although I don’t plan to use Twitter any time soon, I did sign up Twitter in order to reserve my name. :)


If you own any company, reserve your name fast to protect your brand! It’s free.

Don’t forget about facebook.com/username too.

I got mine http://www.facebook.com/yewming.

I also reserved a name for my future company. What is it? Shhhh…. let me be secretive for once. :)

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Dumping da Unrealiable

Frustrated with my WordPress web hosting service.

The page loading time is inconsistent and could take up to a minute to load a page. That’s unbearable sine I am using fiber optic line!

I optimized the SQL tables and installed Super Cache. I saw improvement in page loading speed for a few hours and then back to the same inconsistent crap – driving me nuts! :ohfireevil:

After two complaints to the web hosting company and wasn’t offered the most impressive customer service, I lost my confidence in them and am ready to switch.

That’s the reality in business. There are so many web hosting options out there. If one is not up to my expectation, see ya!

So now I am looking for a reliable and fast web hosting company specializes in WordPress publishing. It needs to suppor Permalink feature (use Apache server?) and preferrable offer dedicated IP.

If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Thanks! Xie-xie. :kethanks: