Luxe Link Purse Holder

It’s here! It’s here!

My Luxe Link purse holder has just been delivered.

Purse holders have been around for a while now. I can’t believe I just bought my first (certainly won’t be my last)!

Where do you put your purse when you are at a bar, restaurant, office, etc? Does your precious purse deserve the dirty floor? Is it safe to leave it there? You may prefer to hold your handbag in your lap, but seriously, that gets old pretty fast!

Sistas! You gotta get one (or five) purse holders!

There are many different purse holder brands and designs to choose from. I chose Luxe Link because the brand gives me the most confidence that their products are going to hold up longer.

My favorite is the Luxe Link Madison.


But I couldn’t get myself to spend a WHOPPING $79 on a purse holder. >.<

So, I chose my second favorite. Let me present to you, the BLACK DIAMOND.

Here it is! Shhhh… She is in a nice gift box.

Oh yeah, lucky girl, that’s me.

She is protected by a soft pouch.

Drum roll, please.

I just got BLING-ed!

My Luxe Link purse holder is handcrafted with genuine black Swarovski crystals.

Ooooo! so LUXE!

It’s small, lightweight and very portable, but can hold up to 9 lbs.

Let’s put it to test.

It holds a 3 lbs bag, easily.

A different angle.

More! More close-ups, please.

So stylish and so glam!

Another close-up. Love!

To see how a purse holder works, check out:

Money saving tips:

  • Google to see if there are cheaper deals out there. I got my Black Diamond from It’s on sale for $48.89.
  • (I know it’s still a lot of $, but I am going to use it a lot. I’ll feel so happy every time I use it.)


  • Search for coupons (I googled coupons and found a 10% discount coupon. It usually takes me 2 minutes to find one if there’s one.)
  • See if is listed under (I’ve earned over $220 cash back so far! Just click on the merchant links on, that’s all you need to do.) Since wasn’t listed on, I didn’t earn any cash back.
  • My purchase on was over $100, so I received free shipping. ^_^

Purse holders make great gifts. What to give a girl who has everything? Another purse holder!

My New Year


Ahhh… officially one year older. I DID IT (like how Neal would say)!

I want to thank my mama and papa for giving birth to me and for loving me. :)

I had a great birthday dinner at home last night. Simple, but it was exactly what I desired.

Thanks to Karan for cooking.  A couple of friends stopped by, and joined us for dinner. Nothing planned, super casual, but it was perfect.

Chocolate Mousse Cake, cute and delish like me

A bottle of red wine. Why not? It’s my birthday

Checking to see if things are under control

The art of multi-tasking

Scallop Linguine

Talking to Dima

Make a wish :)

Happy Birthday to Ting-Ting

Thanks for the flower, Dr Neal

Now that I am officially one year wiser, what are the big plans for next year?

Since is having Free Seats promotion, so I booked tickets to Vietnam and Australia for next year. How about that for a start of my new year? :)

Ecstatic Dance – Just Let Go


You gotta love Fairfield. It could be a huge BORE hole at times, but our community members are trying hard to keep introducing something new and exciting to Fairfield, like the Ecstatic Dance.

The first ecstatic dance took place at Morning Star Studio last night. It was my first ecstatic dance and probably the first for many people there.

Ecstatic dance @ Morning Star Studio

I did read about ecstatic dance before I went and had certain goals that I wanted to achieve: stretch, relax, let loose and let go.

Thanks to DJ Reptile and DJ Flow for the music. I especially enjoyed the drum and organic rhythms.

I am a dance maniac. I am happy when I dance. :rtdance1:

It’s important to relax the body and mind before the dance.

Forget about thinking. Let ‘yourself’ melt away. Forget about YOU.

Just let go. Be unpretentious; be free, like a child.

Let your body moves to the music naturally. Don’t use your mind to analyze if your moves are silly or not.

I like to dance barefoot, so that I feel more connected to the ground.

It was amazing that I was aware of what I was doing, but I wasn’t telling my body what to do. My mind was ONE with the universe. I was simply happy.

It was a personal journey and I enjoyed mine.


Here are some articles on ecstatic dance if you want to read more about it:

Winter’s Blues Keep on Singing


This post was supposed to be about some color leggings that I love. Not any more.

It took me by surprise, so unexpected.

An ocean of loneliness swept through me and left me empty.

Helpless. Scared.

It’s the beginning of holiday season. Football games, hunting activities, family gatherings, etc I don’t relate to any of these.

I keep myself entertained, most of the time. But tonight, I failed.

Some say that Scorpions are the Extremists, I agree. I am, full of contradictions.

In and out of depression; inevitable, every winter.

Love or hate. Never lukewarm.

God will lead the way. I prayed.

I have a feeling that He will show me the way if I surrender.

Always be true to myself. Always.

Ahh… feeling better. Let me take this good feeling to bed and wake up a new person tomorrow. Amen.

Hangover Hell


I had a crazy Halloween night at Marcias, MUM and Vivos. What a fun night, hanging out with good friends.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, as soon as I reached home from the parties, all hell broke loose!

I started to throw up the minute I came back. Arghh….

I only had two drinks the whole night, but I got a little carried away and forgot the golden rule of drinking: never drink on an empty stomach! Oh boy!

I managed to drag myself to bed and hoped for the best.

It’s Sunday today and I was captive in Hangover Hell the whole day. Thanks to DJ Reptile for delivering the gatorade.

I was in and out of consciousness, but managed to take care of my baby Kai’s basic needs. So sorry, baby, mama will take you to the park tomorrow.

Until 6pm, the Hangover Hell admin decided that they’ve had enough of me and kicked me out.

Muahahahaha. I AM ALIVE!

Let me keep my fingers crossed and go to bed now with a good feeling that tomorrow will be a great day. :) Ciao!

I’ve posted some photos on my Facebook, please check out the photos.

Naughty School Girl

I love my fluffy flogger!