Ecstatic Dance – Just Let Go


You gotta love Fairfield. It could be a huge BORE hole at times, but our community members are trying hard to keep introducing something new and exciting to Fairfield, like the Ecstatic Dance.

The first ecstatic dance took place at Morning Star Studio last night. It was my first ecstatic dance and probably the first for many people there.

Ecstatic dance @ Morning Star Studio

I did read about ecstatic dance before I went and had certain goals that I wanted to achieve: stretch, relax, let loose and let go.

Thanks to DJ Reptile and DJ Flow for the music. I especially enjoyed the drum and organic rhythms.

I am a dance maniac. I am happy when I dance. :rtdance1:

It’s important to relax the body and mind before the dance.

Forget about thinking. Let ‘yourself’ melt away. Forget about YOU.

Just let go. Be unpretentious; be free, like a child.

Let your body moves to the music naturally. Don’t use your mind to analyze if your moves are silly or not.

I like to dance barefoot, so that I feel more connected to the ground.

It was amazing that I was aware of what I was doing, but I wasn’t telling my body what to do. My mind was ONE with the universe. I was simply happy.

It was a personal journey and I enjoyed mine.


Here are some articles on ecstatic dance if you want to read more about it:

Dance to a Lovely Sunday Morning

I put on James Blunt CD and started to dance to the song.

There was no particular choreography, I just moved depends on how I felt. Movements that made me feel pretty and soft. Movements that made me feel silly. Movements that made me feel alive.

I danced in the living room and I danced around the dining table.

Kai was dancing (chasing) behind me. He thought momma has gone wild.

What a perfect Sunday morning.

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