Big River Man

Went for a jog at 5:30pm today. I did better than my last jog! ^_^ Jia You!

I highly recommend the movie Big River Man. I watched it at Sondheim Theater last night. Big River Man, Martin Strel himself showed up at the showing and stayed for Q & A. This is one of the perks living in Fairfield. This community is so blessed to constantly having special guests like Martin. Martin is such a simple man, with incredible vision and drive. I just love him for that.

He did mention that the wine that he drank while swimming the mighty Amazon river had only 1% alcohol content. The movie made him look like an alcoholic, for Hollywood effect.

Go watch this movie, and you’ll love the homorous Martin and be inspired at the same time.

Big River Man

Big River Man


Finally had the courage to watch The Cove. Oh boy, it’s hands down the #1 horror movie of the year.

My heart has been deeply saddened by the ignorant and greedy human beings who keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. 

How can one swim in dolphin blood? Which species would be the next victim when dolphin slaughter has been stopped (one day, yes, one day!)? The real threat to this Earth is called “Human Beings”. We need to fix ourselves and save our souls, one day at a time.


To the film crew, I wish to express my gratitude for their brave action and devotion to tell the truth. Thank you for offering us a glimpse of hope to humanity.

The Cove

Take Part: The Cove