My First Bachata Dance Lesson in Buenos Aires

I am in love with Bachata music. I listen to it every morning during breakfast time. Angel, the assistant property manager at Conventillo de Lujo was kind enough to give me a short lesson on Bachata. By the way, Angel is a beautiful dancer in tango too. :)

Video: My FIRST Bachata lesson.

Learned some basic Bachata moves. It was great fun! :)

Thanks to Amy for the recording.

Bachata is a style of dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. It is danced widely all over the world but not identically.
The basics to the dance are three-step with a Cuban hip motion, followed by a hip tap on the 4th beat. The knees should be slightly bent so the performer can sway the hips easier. The movement of the hips is very important because it’s a part of the soul of the dance. Generally, most of the dancer’s movement is in the lower body up to the hips, and the upper body moves much less.


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