Halloween 2010

Another great year of Halloween with my dear friends. :)

My 1st – went trick’O'treating with my friends and their boy on Second Street. It was surprisingly fun to accompany the kids to go from door to door asking for candies. :) It makes me feel young (not that I am so old) and happy.

Jerry Seinfeld is right. Kids will do anything for candies and it was fun to watch. What I’ll add to that is, “parents will do anything for their kids”, because kids don’t go trick’o'treating alone …

Since I have Kai, I don’t give out candies at my house any more. Due to failed parenting, Kai would bark at anyone who comes knocking at my door. So, now I just turn the lights off during the Halloween trick’O'treat night, which signals that “I don’t have candies, go away”.

The boy ended up with a full basket of candies – enough to last for a lifetime. My friends plan to buy all the candies from their son. Money or candies? He must choose wisely. :)

Halloween celebration at MUM is always fun. Students are extremely creative with their homemade costumes. This year, there were even more outstanding performances than last year: fire dance, short movie, hip-pop, belly dance, and more! What an entertaining night! It was too dark for me to take any good photos. We’ve been counting on Radim all these years for good Halloween photos. A big thank you to him!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Sharpie Tattoo

I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo forever. I want the Chinese words “现在“ (means now) to be tattooed on my right wrist.

Stopped by at a tattoo parlor in Vegas early this year and the tattoo artist told me that the words “现在“ are too complicated for such a small area on my wrist. :( BUMMER!

My dream came alive when I saw a photo on Delivering Happiness Facebook page – Tony Hsieh gave Sebastian Rusk a Sharpie Tattoo. Brilliant! How come I never thought of it? :)

I was so inspired that I Sharpie tattooed myself today.

Sharpie Tattoo

Sharpie Tattoo - NOW

This tattoo might seems silly to some people, but hey, tattoo is art, and art is subjective. “NOW” has made me smile all day long. :)

Thanks to Tony for the inspiration.

Piano Seeking a Good Home

I have a free piano seeking a good home. Does anyone know any schools that would like a used piano with awesome sound?

Or, if you love music and would like this piano, please comment below with your contact information.

P/S: This piano babe is heavy! You’ll need to bring four strong men to take her home. :)