Fenced up for son of a horse

Kai was a star in a drama episode of Run-away Dog.

missing dog messages on Facebook

missing dog messages on Facebook

Oh yeah, Kai rocked and rolled. As a reward for playing hide and seek, he deserves  something special from his owners.

Christmas in May?

Really? It's not even Christmas yet...

What’s the present? Oh, you curious little son of a horse.

Drum roll, please …

Prince Kai will be getting a “kingdom” of his own … all FENCED up!!!

Yup, DUMBO can run all he wants… in the FENCED YARD.  ***** MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA ******

The budget for the fence is $2000 (materials + labor).  Cough blood! Oh well, fenced yard increases the value of a property, so the cost is justified. :P

building permit: $25

building permit: $25

side yard (before)

side yard (before)

back yard (before)

back yard (before)

Drill, baby, drill.

setting poles

setting poles

half way

half way

Two days later …
after: back yard

back yard (after)

after: side yard

side yard (after)

What a BEAUTY!

We chose non-privacy fence because we still want to say hi to our neighbors.

I am really thrilled about my new fence. :) That’s a good reason to keep this property for another year or two. :)

I never knew that fence actually frames a property and makes the yard look bigger. Yeppi!

So, what do you think, Kai? A birthday party? :)

p/s: Kai will be turning 5 years old (35 human years) next week, but will remain a little puppy in my heart.

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Into the Minefield

It was a lovely day.

I had an important mission.

You see, my dog, Kai does his business at the backyard on the daily basis. I haven’t been cleaning the yard for two weeks now. Hmm… let me take out my calculator. 14 x1 = 14 piles of poopie!

Well, what’s the point of cleaning the feces up. The rain is going to rain on them. Then, they are going to turn into manure. How nourishing to the mother earth!

The problem is Kai is afraid to step onto his own poopie, so he keeps picking a new spot to do his business.  :ohidiotsmile:

So, did I just say it’s a lovely day today?

I braved myself up and stepped into the minefield. I fought for the freedom of a poop-free lawn.

I didn’t pick up as much feces as I thought. I am guessing some have disguised themselves as the brown leaves??

I play play while my mommy picks up my poopie.

Yawn! I have a good life.

Alert! Another dog is passing by.

Pup, I hope you are happy and content. You’re so cute! XOXOXO

Weekend Warrior’s Kai

Spent the whole Saturday helping out Karan with a painting project. My main responsibility was to prep the job site – and I have taped enough that if I see another blue painter’s tape, I would get a nightmare.

The Weekend Warrior Crew taking a break- Jordan, Vishad, Sundar, Joni, Karan and myself.

Deserve one more shot. Joni, look here.


Since the job site has a fenced yard, so I set up a play day for my dog.

“Soup (Jordan’s dog), meet Kai. Kai, meet soup.”

Since Kai usually makes friends with any dog and would play until the sun goes down, I had full confidence that this play day would be a success.

I left Kai and Soup in the fence yard and thought they would have a blast hanging out together for the whole afternoon.

Boy, was I wrong.

The second I closed the gate, Kai started barking! He wanted out of the fenced yard. I was surprised!

Soup was pretty chill, just hanging around.

Okay! I went back to the yard, to comfort Kai and to ensure him that he was at a safe place and I wouldn’t be far from him.

I stepped out of the fenced yard. Kai started barking.

Kai sure was determined to have his voice heard. Have you heard of non-stop LOUD dog bark? It was pretty annoying! :ohscold:

After spending one hour comforting Kai. I gave up. I told myself that he would just have to learn on his own. I let him bark and bark, and BARK, and B A R K!!!

Jordan tried working his Dog Whisperer magic. Didn’t work.

Karan tried using his Super Dad power. Didn’t work.

Imagine this, you child is the only child who throws himself on the floor, howling non-stop in the day care.

Felt like a failed parent, embarrassed, I couldn’t focus on my painting job.

Karan let the dogs in the house and finally Kai was at peace. He loves being with humans.

But then, watching Kai and Soup doing house inspection – sniffing the dry walls, paint trays loaded with paint, etc…, freaked me out! :ohafraid: I’ve heard horrible stories about dogs getting sick after smelling the paint fume.

After an hour of worrying, I’ve had enough. I led the dogs to the front yard and chained them there. I made sure Kai didn’t feel like he was confined. This time, no barks. HALLELUJAH! HURRAY! PRAISE THE LORD!

At the same time, I felt exhausted and somehow defeated. :ohgraycloud:

I kept doubting myself,”Do I really know how to raise a pet? When did Kai become such a mama’s cry baby? ”

“If I can’t raise a pet properly, how can I raise a child?”

At night, I gave Kai a bath in the bathtub. He was as calm and sweet as always at home.

Suddenly, a thought hit me. I remembered how nervous I was on my first day to school. I kept looking outside to see if the familiar face was still there. I didn’t know anyone in the class. I hid my crying face in my school bag.

Was Kai feeling as insecure and nervous as I was first day in school when I left him in the fenced yard?

I remembered that on the third day I adopted him, I left him in my office when I needed to get something from the printer. He put his paws up on the glass door and cried for me. :ohbluecry:

Today, I expected him to behave like an adult. Did I not notice that he is still the same baby four years ago?

A pet is definitely a reflection of its owner.

I have always treated him like a child and perhaps have never wanted him to grow up. How can I expect him to be obedient when I have never wanted him to be too obedient and enjoyed his occasionally rebellious behavior?

He doesn’t know any better than just loving his owner back.

A weekend warrior is ending her night immersing in an ocean of love (Kai means ocean in Hawaiian).