My Idea Book

I am very visual person.

I am often inspired by pictures. I prefer to learn by trying and through physical experiments.

When I am inspired by something, I take note.

Let me introduce you to my Idea Book.

My Idea Book is nothing fancy, just a black folder.….

that fills with lots of great ideas inside!

Don’t be afraid to tear out the pages from the catalogs/magazines. I know most probably I am not going to read any magazines twice. So, I tear out the pages that I want to keep in my Idea Book and recycle the rest.

Photos that I love

Cool products- I use a marker to mark them. :)

Organizing ideas

Inspiring organizing ideas

How about hanging your “visual board” over your office table?

Remember, you don’t have to follow each idea exact. They are inspiring ideas. I like the bag shelving idea. But it doesn’t mean that I am going to build myself custom shelving for storing my handbags. I could just stack two open bookshelves and put them in my walk-in closet.

Quote I love – so comforting at times. :)

Great advice

Cutest boxers!

I realized I have the same taste after reading this quote: I don’t like delicate, tiny, skinny things!!!

I love chunky watches. The watch that I wore in high school was my dad’s watch (Casio stainless steel multifunction digital watch). I loved the heavy, chunky feel. How did I forget that???

Why not start your own Idea Book? It could store anything that inspired you: vacation spots, quotes, coupons, photos, decorating ideas, makeup tips, gift ideas, and more. This could also be a process of getting to know yourself better; your dreams, your dressing styles, etc.

How about keeping a small notebook with you, so that you can write down your ideas whenever you want?

Keep your ideas alive and updated! If you can visualize them, they might just become reality one day.

Rue La La: My ooh la la


I love

Rue La La is an exclusive, invitation only shopping site where Members discover premier-brand, private sale Boutiques.

Every day there are new boutiques, each open for just a brief window of time (usually two days).


I love discovering new brands, new products and something unexpected.

I bought this BCBG bag on NOV 16th at $149. I had an oh-la-la moment when I received this bag.


Back View




Although I wish the leather could be a little thicker, I was happy with my purchase at a great price.


I loved the color. It was selling at for $398 (on sale today for $277.99) on the same day (Nov 16th)!

The thing with Rue La La is the new boutiques are open at 10am CDT. So, if you are interested in certain boutiques, you better act fast. By fast, I mean you better make up your mind within 10 minutes after the boutiques are open. The prices are good (30%-80% off retail) and the Members are sharp! They are very focused and know their style.  The best styles are usually sold out within 10 minutes.

If you are 80% sure about a product, I would suggest you just buy it. You can return the item later if you change your mind. Return shipping is free and you’ll get store credit to be used towards your next purchase. Sweet!

Check it out. The membership is free, but it’s by invitation only. Here’s my invitation to you: RUE LA LA.  You’ll receive $10 for trying out Rue La La and I’ll get $10 store credit reward when you find your ooh la la items.

If you are a designer, you might want to contact them to see how they can help promoting your brand and testing your new line.

Fresh Snow Day


This morning there was three inches of new powder snow outside. All white, and it was so pretty to look at.

I don’t like cold weather. I didn’t see snow until I was 21. Frankly, I don’t care for snow at all.  It’s actually a pain in the butt to warm the car and to clear the snow in the morning. But who doesn’t love fresh fluffy powdery snow? It’s dry, and doesn’t stick to the skin. It moves with the wind, like feather. It’s so dreamy!

I really wanted to play in the snow this morning, but I had to go to work. :(

First thing I did after I came back from work was to let Kai out. He started hopping in the snow and playing happily. :) This Iowan born dog thrives in cold weather. I threw snow balls at him and he would jump and catch them. He loves chewing the ice.

I will never let the kid in my heart die. If I can’t avoid snow in winter, then might just as well enjoy it.

Q: How much snow comes from one inch of rain?

A: Fifteen inches of dry powder snow equals 1 inch of rain. This is also equivalent to only five inches of very wet snow. The accepted average is ten inches.


Fresh snow on Kai

Checking out neighbor’s dog

Ready to play any time

Kai was so hyper in the snow that I had to say  “Treat!” to get him to look at me for one second.