Soy Milk & Rice Cereal Maker

Introducing to you the latest gadget in my kitchen- soy milk/rice cereal maker!

I bought it from for $90 while it was on sale. What a great deal. :)

Rice milk maker

Ricemilk maker

This wonderful little machine can make perfect soy milk, rice milk, and rice cereal.


Mung bean, full bean, five cereals, rice paste

I grew up on soy milk. I have been looking for tasty soy milk here in the U.S., but just couldn’t find one with the perfect taste. So, why not make my own soy milk?


It has built-in blender and heater.

Test Run: Soy Milk

soya beans soaked in water overnight

Soy beans soaked in water overnight


Select Full Bean

It first heats up the beans and water, and then blends them. The cooking time is only 20 minutes from start to finish!

20 minutes later …

Strain the juice (strainer & cup came with the machine)

Strain the juice (strainer & cup came with the machine)

Easy! Breezy!

Homemade organic soy milk - just add some sugar (vanilla - optional)

Homemade organic soy milk - just add some sugar (vanilla - optional)

Red Bean & Wild Rice Cereal
It’s great for breakfast or snack! Yum! and super nutritious.

Red bean & wild rice cereal

Red bean & wild rice cereal

How about almond rice milk? barley milk? sounds good, huh! Try it out.

Breakfast Cook Book etc…

Received a new cook book from  Amazon today, Easy Breakfast & Brunch: Simple Recipes for Morning Treats (Hardcover).

easy breakfast & brunch

easy breakfast & brunch

The sections are:
- fruits & oats
- sweet treats
- big bites
- easy eggs
- fresh from the oven (bread, muffin, etc)
- perfect preserves
- delicious drinks
The ingredients are standard breakfast items that you can find in most supermarkets. The recipes seem easy enough, nothing fancy. However, I really enjoy how different ingredients are mixed in one recipe. Not your typical same old breakfast options.
Lots of pictures!
I look forward to exploring each recipe. :)
Also, received Trio 3pcs serve set from Crate & Barrel today. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and the contemporary design. Very impressed!!!
Trio 3pcs Serve Set (Crate & Barrel)

Trio 3pcs Serve Set (Crate & Barrel)

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I Heart My OXO Salad Spinner

I am not a big fan of green salad. I am simply not into raw vegetables. Ask any Asian on how much green salad he has had this week, or this month, or this year? Most probably the answer would be close to none.

If you are in Asia and you suggest that you are going to bring a green salad (not fruit salad, not potato salad) to an Asian party, don’t be surprised if no one jumps up and down out of excitement. It’s not you, it’s us.

My mom bought lettuce from the market and she chose to stir-fry it. Frankly speaking, I quite enjoyed the dish.

I decided to eat more raw vegetables this year, so I started a new lettuce veggie bed.

I threw some seeds in my veggie bed and now the lettuce greens in my veggie bed are growing like wild horses! Seriously. I have given away bags of greens to friends and even my dog is getting some in each meal too. And still, I have a hard time keeping up with my lettuce!

FYI. My dog does eat vegetables. Here’s him chewing on a celery stick when he was four months old.

IMG_7540 IMG_7544

Now it only makes sense for me to consume more greens too. I know, I know, eating greens is healthy and blah blah blah. Knowing it is one thing, but actually eating it is a whole different story.

I picked some lettuce from my garden and washed it. The greens were damp, soggy and the salad didn’t turn out good. I was pretty bumped.

When there’s a problem, there must be a solution. What can’t you find on internet? Thank God for internet.

Who doesn’t know about the existence of salad spinner, please raise your hand.

Has this product been around for a long time? I have never heard of it. Pardon me!

Definition of Salad Spinner from

salad spinner: A two-part device made up of a plastic basket inside a large plastic bowl. Place washed greens inside the basket and spin it (using whatever method your spinner offers). Centrifugal force removes the water from the greens.

Ok. Boys and girls, now let’s give a big round of applause to whoever invented the salad spinner!

The process is much like the last cycle of your washing machine: spinning the access water off your clothes.

I was sold on the idea and quickly ran to the At Home store and bought one.

Now, drum roll, please.
OXO Salad Spinner

1. Put freshly washed salad greens in the non-slip bowl (you can wash the veggie in the basket).

2. Press the non-slip knob to start the basket spinning.

3. There’s a built-in brake to stop the salad spinner.

4. Done! The greens are crisp and dry! If the greens are still little damp, just put them in the fridge for a few hours. They would dry out naturally.

5. To store the greens away, simply press down the knob and lock it.

I noticed that the greens stay fresher longer when I store them in the salad spinner.

We learn something new every day. Don’t we? :-)