Hangover Hell


I had a crazy Halloween night at Marcias, MUM and Vivos. What a fun night, hanging out with good friends.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, as soon as I reached home from the parties, all hell broke loose!

I started to throw up the minute I came back. Arghh….

I only had two drinks the whole night, but I got a little carried away and forgot the golden rule of drinking: never drink on an empty stomach! Oh boy!

I managed to drag myself to bed and hoped for the best.

It’s Sunday today and I was captive in Hangover Hell the whole day. Thanks to DJ Reptile for delivering the gatorade.

I was in and out of consciousness, but managed to take care of my baby Kai’s basic needs. So sorry, baby, mama will take you to the park tomorrow.

Until 6pm, the Hangover Hell admin decided that they’ve had enough of me and kicked me out.

Muahahahaha. I AM ALIVE!

Let me keep my fingers crossed and go to bed now with a good feeling that tomorrow will be a great day. :) Ciao!

I’ve posted some photos on my Facebook, please check out the photos.

Naughty School Girl

I love my fluffy flogger!

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