Kualoa Park Afternoon Shoot


We came back to Kualoa Park for a beach shoot today.

Chinaman’s Hat island can be seen from the park

There are many facilities on the park – picnic tables, restrooms, showers and BBQ grills.

We set our stuff on a picnic table.

The sandy beach is narrow and it’s just a few feet away from our picnic table. :)

This park really is a great place for picnicking, fishing, camping and swimming.

Want to see what a dirty lens could do to your photos?

Fishing (I need to remember to clean my lens daily, it gets dusty real fast.)

I brought my boogie board with me. There weren’t any waves, so it wasn’t the ideal place to boogieboard. But since I barely know how to swim, I felt safer having a boogie board with me.

Let’s go boogie! :rtdance1:

Mommy, I am safe!

Hmm … peace …

Trying to sit on the boogie board

Ooops! Maybe not.

Happy time! :ohhappyshake:

Mom is not going to be too thrilled looking at these photos. Asians (can’t speak for all, but at least the Chinese) generally prefer fairer skin, and we avoid getting tanned.

When I first came to USA, I had a hard time understanding why Americans are so crazy about tanning while we tried our best staying out of the sun. I guess people desire what they don’t have.

I personally don’t care much about the fair skin mentality, but I’m not crazy about tanning as well. Just let nature do its thing.

The water was so clear and blue, how could I stay away from it?

Love, love the water

The beach wasn’t crowded at all so I had my own “private beach”. :)

Radim – Scouting

Radim – Go snorkeling

Sculpture- by Nature

We played some frisbee before we called it a day.

What a super fun and relaxing day — for me. :) It was a little stressful for R & K because the RED camera malfunctioned at the end, although they still managed to capture several hours of great footage in the morning. Malfunction reason — to be figured out.

See ya, Kualoa Park. :ohbye: