Godfather of All Falls – Devil’s Throat

Steve had a magic bag.

“Do you want an apple?” Steve pulled out two apples from his bag.

“No, thanks. That’s sweet of you.” I knew he needed a snack, but that was nice of him to even ask.

Lunch time. There weren’t many choices in the park.

“Do you want to share some sandwiches?” Steve pulled out a few sandwiches from his magic bag. “I made them last night.”

“Wow. They look delicious!” Even though I felt shy to take anything that Steve offered because he had been carrying them (hardwork), but I thought perhaps I should help him to lighten his bag. He insisted that he “made” too many sandwiches anyway. :) I gladly accepted one sandwich and savored each bite. I was hungry!

Good thing that we ate our lunch while queuing up at the train station to Devil’s Throat. Most people were having lunch somewhere so the line was short.

I was craving for a glass of frappe, but the price was 28 pesos. I refused to pay so much for a glass of mostly ice water!

The train ride went through jungle to reach the Upper Circuit and it felt like a Disney Land ride. It was hot and I was a little tired from the morning walk, so I almost felt asleep during the ride.

Train ride to Devil's Throat trail. Boring ...

The walk to Devil’s Throat was nothing to write home about.

The whole day, I had been noticing Argentineans liked to carry a big bottle of thermal and a mate cup with them. For me, that was the ultimate test on their love for mate. Come on, hiking up and down the hills, and they chose to carry the heavy thermal bottle in their hands? Some even were sipping the mate while hiking.

And the Argentineans brought the whole family along with them on the waterfall outing. The kids were tough. They hiked with the family, no drama.

As I was walking the boring walk (1km long trail) towards the Devil’s Throat, I wasn’t expecting much. Having seeing waterfalls from all the viewpoints, I thought I have seen them all.

The water was calm even just 50 meters before the Devil’s Throat.

Then, suddenly I saw a “hole” swallowing in the water. It’s better to show you a video in this case.

Impressive, no?

I woke up from the boredom, and raced towards the Devil’s Throat (the Godfather of all falls – highest and deepest). Again, a video is worth a thousand words. See for yourself.

That was definitely something worth seeing; one of the natural wonders.

How can something be so serene and yet so powerful at the same time?

Did you see the rainbow?

Definitely leave Devil’s Throat to the last. For me, that was the highlight of the whole trip. :)